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Eco Tips

Here are some tips for integrating eco-friendly ideas into your home. Or, if being thoroughly eco-friendly is important to you check out our sister company – EcoBuilt Homes – and let’s plan it, for the planet! (


  • Choose native plants for landscaping.
  • Use light colours for your roofing to reflect heat.


  • Use water efficient showerheads and toilets – they perform just as well and cut back on water usage.
  • Install aerators to the end of your taps, this will reduce the amount of water you use.
  • Install a rainwater harvesting system, take advantage of the free rain.


  • Use low, or no-V.O.C. paints.
  • Reduce the amount of carpet in your house – carpet traps dust and allergens.


  • Don’t open the oven while cooking.
  • Always match the size of the burner with the size of the pan.
  • Turn off the oven during the last 5 minutes of cooking.
  • Only run full loads in the dishwasher.


  • Ensure your doors are well sealed.
  • Replace traditional incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent’s to save an average of $40 during the lifespan of the bulb.
  • Clean your light fixtures to increase lighting efficiency by 20%.
  • Use dimmer switches.
  • Install sensor lights.
  • Install double-glazed windows.
  • Install a solar photovoltaic power system (solar panels) on your home.
  • Install a wind power system.
  • Install solar water heating.

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